Supporting Farmer for Preharvest Agriculture Services

Primary Services

Plant Disease Detection

Check for Plant disease

Soil Quality Testing

Check your Soil deficiency

Irrigation Water Testing

Check your Water quality

Plant Disease Detection

Plants must be protected from diseases in order to ensure that the products produced by agriculture are fertile. When we want to understand if a plant has a disease, it can be understandable by looking of the plant’s leaf. Being able to understand a plant will be helpful for Farmers for their jobs. On the basis of these problem we decided to make plant disease detection and after that provide suggesions to take necessory action.

Irrigation Water Testing

The quality and content of the irrigation water can greatly affect the success of your crop.Testing your irrigation water is important for assessing the suitability of the water source for irrigation.Knowing what is in your irrigation water is also essential for the day-to-day practice, affecting both the irrigation regime and fertilizer schedule.

Soil Quality Testing

The good quality soil is essential for high yield, and sufficient production to sustain families, villages, and entire societies.The difference between types of soils, and variation in soil properties became apparent- soil moisture, soil texture and of course soil chemistry determined what crops can grow in particular regions, and how much yield the fields will produce.

What are other Services

Weather Monitoring

"Regular Waeather updates for good harvesting"

Farm Registration

"Farmer's Farm registration for farm monitoring"

Crop Advisory

"What and What not to crop grow"

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