IOT enabled Devices

This device comes with a suite of amazing features, that makes it a necessity of any car or Vehicles.
Its obvious that Every Owner is concerned about his car or Vehicles. Using this device the owners can see all their cars diagnostics information ( in real-time ) from the Vehicle Owner app,
This Vehicle Tracker App is available on the Google Play Store.

Main Functionalities of this Vehicle Tracker Device

Monitor all the technical problems in real-time. Calculate engine load, engine running time, RPM and keep a check at everything that’s necessary for your car.


Battery Monitor

Monitor your battery with our amazing OBD that keep you on your toes at all given point of time. You don’t need to worry about checking your batter manually every again.


Over Speed Alert

Over speeding is one of the most common things we do while driving. Get notified instantly whenever you step on the gas too much! ——————————————-


Location Information

You don’t need open your smartphone to check your location anymore. You car knows where you are with our location information feature. and many more ——————-


Rash Driving Identification

Learn how to drive better in the city streets with our Rash Driving identification feature. Secure yourself and others too.


Crash Alert

If you’re in an accident, crash alert will be there by your side for help. We’ll be there when you need it most. Our hardware can detect a collision and send instant alerts.


Superb Packaging

The care that has gone into research and development of a product will not be evident off the bat, unless there is amazing care shown to blow people away even in packaging.


Free Updates

Isn’t it wonderful to see that your service providers proactively manage all the upgrades at your end? Well, we are here to make your wish come true. Enjoy free upgrades for life without having to pay for anything; rain or shine!


Amazing Design

More than we boasting about our Hardware Designers, we would highly recommend you to do your research on us. We do design for some of the most reputed Hardware companies & IOT companies in the world.


Vehicle Tracker App

The Easiest and fastest way to see your vehicles details using this Vehicle Tracker App