A Machine learning based model which has developed with following input data .

Location based crop information.
Weather / climate based information.
Soil content based information

Local farmer based information

First Advisory

Which crop I should grow

A full data science and research-based decision, where Our machine learning-based tool takes feed of soil content/soil health,
and analyses with all external factors important and required to have a healthy growth of a particular crop, and then suggest options of the ideal fit crop.

Soil NPK , Acidic level, PH level , soil type and other soil helth related data, mixed with expected temperature, humidity, rain forecast,
and other external factors, then gets processed to identify a selection of ideal crop, which is an outcome of the research-based pre-fed
ideal requirement for optimum production of a crop.

Second Advisory

How to prepare Field for the selected crop by Farmers

Basis selected crop a complete field preparation best practice using standard operating procedure with step by step guide is provided to the farmers

Third Advisory

what are the process and steps of Sowing to Harvesting stage-wise advisory through standard operating procedure ?

How to sow: The best method of showing, ideal temperature, humidity etc a complete guide given to farmers

When to irrigate, at what frequency, what volume, what all other nutrients to apply, complete application method at every stage is provided to farmers.

Fourth Advisory
Proactive measures on plant disease control :

Farmers getting notified much in advance basis change in weather or any other external factor which may impact crops growth
and were given complete guidelines on steps to be followed to avoid any loss of crop growth .