We consider each and every farmer as considerable contibutor for making this eco system for beneficial.

With consent of farmer , we are sending all the details to the server so that data analytics can be done.

Iems that are broadcasted over the server are Weather Data, Soil Health Information, Water Quality Information, Plant disease detection and Farmers related Information.

  1. Items that are broadcasted over the server
    • Weather Data
      • Active mechanical sensors will provide
        • Humidity
        • Temperature
        • Air quality
        • Wind speed
        • Wind gusts
        • Wind direction
        • Rainfall
    • Soil Health Information
      • Farmer field Soil Test will provide
        • PH values
        • Chemical Nutrients contents
    • Water Quality Information
      • Irrigation Water Testing will provide
        • PH Values
        • Chemical conents
        • Water Availability
    • Plant disease detection
      • Infected plant leaf images will provide
        • image information
        • detected plant disease information
        • expected plant disease information
    • Crop information
      • Planted crop information will provide
        • Farmer’s current crop
        • Crop information by locals
    • Farmer Voice data
    • Farmer Visual data
    • Farmer Experience
    • Farmer Activities