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IISL Science Corner is an exciting new addition to the suite of “Intime Information Systems pvt Ltd “(IISL) products.

Science Corner App contains the six sections of your interests :
1. me
2. What’s new
3. Topics
4. My Planner
5. My Groups
6. Challenges

=> Me section manages your personal profile data, quiz played , quiz progress and overall performance

=> What’s new section contain the latest information about Science and related topics that you subscribe.
It also provide the related information of books that you might be interested.

=>Topics is main heart of the application which contains all the information that you have interest.

=>Planner manages your topics, tasks and projects on-line and sync the Data with Goggle Drive.
Future-proof your topics, task & project list and store it in a plain text file that you can easily control.
My Planner makes it easy to add, update and prioritize tasks,tag them with project names
and contexts, search, filter, and most importantly, mark your tasks complete.

=> My Groups establish the communication between one to one , one to many and Ask a question.
It features questions and answers on a wide range of topics in Science Topics.
This App serves as a platform for users to ask and answer questions, and,
through membership and active participation, to vote questions and answers up or down
and edit questions and answers.
All user-generated content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

=>Challenges will contains the high standard of quiz and questions from time to time for subscribed user.

To use this app, you must have a gmail or facebook account.
To use the planner,you must have a google account , otherwise you can not save the data.


With Science Corner you can do following:

★ User Profile Information
★ Quiz Played Information , you can review the Quiz Played any time
★ Buy Quiz Option to get premium services
★ Provides top Science News
★ Provides the Information about updates
★ Provides the Information about user Guide
★ class VI Quiz
★ class VII Quiz
★ class VIII Quiz
★ class IX Quiz
★ class X Quiz

★ Register for Google Cloud Messaging
★ Create the Group
★ Join the Group
★ chat with Group

★ Keep your Task , project and reminders list in a documented, human-readable, plain text format.
★ Save your planner.txt file in google drive for access from all your devices.
★ Enter multiple tasks in a single input box.
★ Perform batch updates (complete, prioritize, delete) to multiple selected tasks at once.
★ Quickly filter and group tasks by project or context.
★ Search your list by keyword.
★ See how long a task has been on your list.
★ Dial a phone number or send an email directly from a task with a phone number or email address in it.
★ Add a single or multiple tasks to your default calendar to create a reminder.
★ Set up optional background sync with google drive at an interval you choose.
★ Share selected tasks or the whole list via Android’s Share menu.
★ Send text from any other app on your phone, like email, into a new task via Android’s Share menu.
★ Time to time some challenges are available



About IISL :
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