Torch is a scientific computing framework that offers wide support for machine learning algorithms. It is a Lua based deep learning framework and is used widely amongst industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. It employs CUDA along with C/C++ libraries for the processing and was basically made to scale production of building models and overall flexibility.

Offlate, PyTorch has seen a high level of adoption within the deep learning framework community and is considered to be quite the competitor to TensorFlow. PyTorch is basically a port to Torch deep learning framework used for constructing deep neural networks and executing tensor computations that are high in terms of complexity.

As opposed to Torch, PyTorch runs on Python which means that anyone with basic understanding of Python can get started on building their own deep learning models.

Given PyTorch framework’s architectural style, the entire deep modeling process is far more simpler as well as transparent in comparison to Torch.